July 13, 2024

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Found at 1319 South White Street in Athens, Tennessee, McMinn County Jail plays a pivotal role in the local law enforcement framework. The corresponding ZIP code, 37303, precisely marks its location. To access inmate-related details or coordinate jail visitations, a simple phone call to (423) 745-5620 is all that’s required.

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McMinn County Jail, situated at 1319 South White Street in Athens, Tennessee, holds a significant role in the community’s safety and security. With its ZIP code noted as 37303, the facility’s accessibility is clear. If you’re seeking information about inmates or aiming to arrange a visitation, a direct line is available at (423) 745-5620.

Through our inmate search service, you gain access to a seamless method of procuring essential information about individuals currently housed within McMinn County Jail. Whether you’re prompted by legal necessities, personal concerns, or general curiosity, the contact details provided ensure easy access to the information you seek.