July 13, 2024

Navigating Davidson County’s Inmate Facilities: Seeking Current Inmates and Information

When it comes to locating individuals within the Davidson County jail system in Nashville, Tennessee, a host of facilities cater to this purpose. If you’re interested in finding out whether someone is currently incarcerated or wish to glean insights about Davidson County jails, including the Davidson County Hill Detention Center, Davidson County Maximum Correctional Center, and Davidson County Offender Re-Entry Center, this guide provides the necessary details.

  1. Davidson County Correctional Development Center: Situated at 5113 Harding Place in Nashville, Tennessee, with a ZIP code of 37211, this facility offers inmate information and supports jail visitation. You can reach out at (615) 862-8123 to obtain the required details.
  2. Davidson County Hill Detention Center: Located at 506 Second Avenue North in Nashville, Tennessee, with a ZIP code of 37201, this center facilitates inmate information and jail visitation inquiries. Dial (615) 880-1942 for assistance.
  3. Davidson County Maximum Correctional Center: Found at 5113 Harding Place in Nashville, Tennessee, carrying the ZIP code 37211, this facility is available for inmate information and jail visitation queries. Reach out at (615) 862-8227 for assistance.
  4. Davidson County Offender Re-Entry Center: Positioned at 5131 Harding Place in Nashville, Tennessee, ZIP code 37211, this center offers information about inmates and jail visitation. For your inquiries, dial (615) 880-3840.

It’s important to note that the traditional Davidson County inmate search feature is no longer operational. If you’re looking to access information about inmates, connect with the offender information center at 615-862-8123. They will guide you through the process of inmate lookup effectively.

In conclusion, these Davidson County jail facilities provide avenues for obtaining inmate-related information and facilitating jail visitation. Keep the provided contact details handy for prompt assistance. And remember, the offender information center is your go-to resource for inmate searches, ensuring that you stay connected with the necessary information.