July 13, 2024

Simplify your quest for current inmates within Spartanburg County by utilizing the Spartanburg County inmate search tool. Gain clarity on whether an individual is currently held at the Spartanburg County Main Jail.

Conveniently positioned at 950 California Avenue in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the Spartanburg County Main Jail carries the ZIP code 29303. Should you seek inmate-specific details or wish to arrange a jail visit, don’t hesitate to dial (864) 596-2607.

Unlock an effortless approach to locating inmates within Spartanburg County through the dedicated inmate search system. This streamlined tool expedites the process of verifying an individual’s presence within the confines of the Spartanburg County Main Jail.

The Spartanburg County Main Jail stands prominently at the address 950 California Avenue, Spartanburg, South Carolina, with its ZIP code denoted as 29303. For inquiries regarding inmates or to organize a visit to the jail, a simple call to (864) 596-2607 is all it takes.

Count on the Spartanburg County Inmate Search to simplify the endeavor of pinpointing individuals within the Spartanburg County Main Jail. If you’re seeking confirmation about someone’s incarceration status at the facility located on 950 California Avenue in Spartanburg, South Carolina—ZIP code 29303—rest assured this tool is at your disposal. Contactable at (864) 596-2607, it offers information regarding inmates and facilitates the arrangement of jail visitations.