July 13, 2024

Facilitate your search for current inmates within Passaic County Jail through the Passaic County inmate search tool. Discover whether an individual is being held at the Passaic County Jail with ease.

Conveniently situated at 11 Marshall Street in Paterson, New Jersey, the Passaic County Jail carries the ZIP code 07501. Should you require details about inmates or intend to schedule a jail visit, you can reach out by dialing (973) 881-4620.

The Passaic County inmate search resource offers a seamless method to determine the presence of individuals within the confines of Passaic County Jail. This tool streamlines the process of finding out if someone is currently detained at the facility.

Situated at the address 11 Marshall Street, Paterson, New Jersey, the Passaic County Jail’s ZIP code is 07501. If you seek inmate-related information or plan to engage in jail visitation, do not hesitate to initiate contact at (973) 881-4620.

Trust in the Passaic County Inmate Search to simplify the process of locating inmates within Passaic County Jail. Whether you’re seeking confirmation of an individual’s presence within the confines of the facility located at 11 Marshall Street in Paterson, New Jersey—ZIP code 07501—this tool serves as your go-to resource. Get in touch via phone at (973) 881-4620 for inquiries pertaining to inmates or jail visitation arrangements.