July 13, 2024

Simplify your quest for current inmates within Midland County by utilizing the specialized Midland County inmate search tool. Easily ascertain whether an individual is presently held at the Midland County Jail, streamlining the search process.

Conveniently situated at 101 Fast Ice Drive in Midland, Michigan, the Midland County Jail’s distinctive ZIP code is 48642. For those seeking inmate-related details or looking to arrange a jail visit, a simple step is to dial (989) 832-6612.

Discover a streamlined approach to accessing inmate information within Midland County. This dedicated search tool expedites the process of determining whether someone is currently confined within the premises of the Midland County Jail.

Positioned at 101 Fast Ice Drive in Midland, Michigan, the Midland County Jail holds a ZIP code of 48642. To access crucial information about inmates or to coordinate a jail visitation, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone at (989) 832-6612.

Reliable assistance is at hand with the Midland County Inmate Search, ensuring a simplified method for locating individuals within the Midland County Jail. For individuals seeking clarification on an individual’s presence within the facility at 101 Fast Ice Drive, Midland, Michigan—ZIP code 48642—this tool stands ready for use. Enquiries about inmates or the scheduling of jail visitations can be made effortlessly by calling (989) 832-6612.