July 13, 2024

Welcome to the official webpage of the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office. Our dedicated team takes pride in upholding the statutes of the State of Iowa and enforcing the local ordinances within Dickinson County. Working alongside the Sheriff, our workforce includes eight proficient deputies, seven diligent jailers, eight skilled dispatchers, and a capable office manager.

In addition to our role in patrolling the unincorporated regions of the county, the Sheriff’s Office extends its services through strategic partnerships with the municipalities of Wahpeton, Superior, and Terril, ensuring comprehensive law enforcement protection.

Exploring Dickinson County Nestled in the northwest corner of Iowa, Dickinson County graces our jurisdiction. Established in 1857, the county bears the name of Daniel S. Dickinson, a notable U.S. Senator representing New York. The county’s expanse covers a total of 404 square miles, encompassing approximately 5.6% (about 23 square miles) in water bodies.

As per the 2016 census data, Dickinson County proudly shelters a populace of 17,243 residents. This reflects a commendable 3.5% growth from the 2010 census figures, which recorded a population of 16,667. Notably, Dickinson County distinguishes itself as one of the rare rural counties in Iowa experiencing a positive surge in population.

Thank you for visiting our page, where you can stay informed about our commitment to serving Dickinson County and its diverse communities.