July 13, 2024

Introducing the Boone County inmate search tool, your convenient gateway to locating current inmates within Boone County Jail. Whether you’re aiming to verify an individual’s presence within Boone County Jail or seeking inmate-related insights, our service is here to assist you.

Strategically positioned at 1905 Indianapolis Avenue in Lebanon, Indiana, Boone County Jail plays a pivotal role within the local law enforcement landscape. Its designated ZIP code, 46052, serves as a precise identifier for the facility’s location. To access inmate information or coordinate jail visitations, a straightforward phone call to (765) 482-1412 is all it takes.

Our specialized service is tailored to streamline the process of acquiring essential information about individuals currently held at Boone County Jail. Whether your objective revolves around obtaining inmate records or preparing for a visit, the provided contact information offers a direct and efficient pathway for your inquiries.