July 13, 2024

The quest to locate individuals held within Upson County’s confines is streamlined through the Upson County Inmate Search tool. This invaluable resource offers a user-friendly avenue to identify present inmates within the Upson County Jail. If you’re seeking to ascertain an individual’s presence within the Upson County Jail or are contemplating a visit, direct your inquiries via phone to (706) 647-7411.

Situated at 235 Aviation Drive in Thomaston, Georgia, the Upson County Jail assumes a pivotal role within the local law enforcement apparatus. Its location, bearing the ZIP code 30286, is a cornerstone of security and order. Operating under rigorous protocols, this facility accommodates and supervises individuals within its premises. By harnessing the capabilities of the Upson County Inmate Search tool, concerned family members, legal representatives, and interested parties can promptly verify the incarceration status of specific individuals.

In the intricate legal landscape, easy access to critical information holds undeniable importance. The Upson County Inmate Search tool emerges as a practical solution for inquiries concerning detainees housed within the Upson County Jail. Those seeking clarity can conveniently utilize the provided contact number, (706) 647-7411, to acquire inmate-specific details or to acquaint themselves with the jail’s visitation procedures. This resourceful channel of communication serves as a guiding light during challenging times.

Nestled within Thomaston, Georgia, the Upson County Jail stands as a testament to the community’s commitment to justice and safety. Positioned at 235 Aviation Drive with the ZIP code 30286, it plays an integral part in the local legal framework. By dialing (706) 647-7411, proactive steps can be taken to remain informed about inmates housed within this correctional facility, reaffirming the essential bridge between detainees and the world outside.

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