July 13, 2024

Exploring information about inmates within San Diego County? Our inmate search service is here to facilitate your search for current inmates within San Diego County jails, offering a streamlined way to confirm an individual’s presence within San Diego County Jail.

For those looking for information about inmates or planning jail visitations, several facilities in San Diego County stand ready to assist. The San Diego County Central Jail – Downtown can be found at 1173 Front Street in San Diego, California, with its ZIP code being 92101. To access inmate information or arrange a visitation, you can reach out at (619) 610-1647.

Additionally, the San Diego County Vista Detention Facility – North County Jail is located at 325 S. Melrose Drive in Suite 200, California, bearing the ZIP code 92081. For inmate information or jail visitation related to this facility, you can contact them at (760) 936-0014.

Further options include the San Diego County South Bay Detention Facility, situated at 500 Third Avenue in Chula Vista, California, with a ZIP code of 91910, reachable at (619) 213-1433 for inquiries. The San Diego County Las Colinas Detention & Reentry Facility, found at 451 Riverview Pkwy in Santee, California, features the ZIP code 92071 and can be contacted at (619) 402-1312.

For those seeking information about the San Diego County Facility 8 Detention Facility, it is located at 446 Alta Road in Suite 5300, California, with the ZIP code 92158. You can reach out at (619) 210-0327. Moreover, the San Diego County East Mesa Reentry Facility, also situated at 446 Alta Road in Suite 5200, California, with the ZIP code 92158, offers information via (619) 210-0334. Lastly, the San Diego County George Bailey Detention Facility can be reached at (619) 210-0385 and is situated at 446 Alta Road in Suite 5300, California, ZIP code 92158.

Through our inmate search service, we aim to provide you with a reliable and efficient way to access inmate information across various San Diego County detention facilities. Whether driven by legal concerns or personal curiosity, the contact details provided ensure a seamless means of obtaining the information you seek.