July 13, 2024

Whether you reside in an urban or rural setting within Jackson County, a comprehensive array of services is extended to you by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. Serving as the primary first responders in unincorporated areas, deputies promptly address your 911 calls, ensuring your safety.

Encompassing a vast expanse of 2,802 square miles and a populace exceeding 206,000, Jackson County is under the guardianship of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. This jurisdiction encompasses unincorporated regions, a law enforcement district in White City, as well as contractual oversight of Shady Cove and Gold Hill. Furthermore, the sheriff’s office assumes the role of safeguarding the courthouse and overseeing operations at the Jackson County Jail.

Residents of Jackson County are endowed with a plethora of safeguards, initiatives, emergency resources, and exceptionally trained law enforcement personnel. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office places paramount importance on its state of preparedness for diverse emergencies, ensuring swift and efficient responses are a constant.

Incorporating leadership and active involvement, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office spearheads a range of inter-agency teams. These teams are equipped and trained to manage high-risk scenarios that jeopardize public safety, including hostage incidents, barricaded suspects, narcotics trafficking, search and rescue operations, and gang control. This collective effort guarantees the presence of adept specialists across the county whenever exigencies arise.

Your affiliation with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is a source of pride. Our unwavering commitment drives us to deliver law enforcement services of exceptional competence, courtesy, and efficacy, setting a standard that ranks among the finest nationwide.