July 13, 2024

Welcome to the Crittenden County inmate search tool, an invaluable resource tailored to assist you in effortlessly locating current inmates within Crittenden County Jail. Whether your purpose is to ascertain an individual’s presence within Crittenden County Jail or to access inmate-related details, our service stands ready to guide your search.

Conveniently situated at 350 Afco Road in West Memphis, Arkansas, Crittenden County Jail plays a pivotal role within the local law enforcement framework. Its designated ZIP code, 72301, serves as a precise marker of its location. To access inmate information or arrange jail visitations, a simple phone call to (870) 702-2010 is all it takes.

Our specialized service is designed to streamline the process of obtaining essential information about individuals currently held at Crittenden County Jail. Whether your goal is to procure inmate records or prepare for a visit, the contact information provided ensures a direct and efficient pathway for your inquiries.