July 13, 2024

Are you looking for information about inmates currently held in Mobile County? Our Mobile County inmate search service is here to assist you in determining whether someone is presently incarcerated at the Mobile County Metro Jail.

The Mobile County Metro Jail is situated at 450 Saint Emanuel Street in Mobile, Alabama, with a ZIP code of 36603. If you wish to schedule a jail visitation, you can do so by contacting the visitation appointment numbers at (251) 574-4734 or (251) 574-3388.

Our primary goal is to streamline the process of accessing inmate information, making it convenient for individuals seeking this information. Whether you are a concerned family member, a friend, or are simply interested in the current inmate population, our services are designed to assist you.

The Mobile County Metro Jail is a crucial facility in Mobile, Alabama, responsible for the temporary detention of individuals awaiting trial, serving sentences, or undergoing court-ordered incarceration. It plays a vital role in maintaining public safety and the proper functioning of the local justice system.

For Mobile County inmate information or to schedule a visit to the Mobile County Metro Jail, please do not hesitate to contact the visitation appointment numbers at (251) 574-4734 or (251) 574-3388. We are committed to providing you with quick and efficient access to information regarding current inmates at the facility.